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Tuesday, 21 July 2009
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For corporate functions and exhibitions our full size Formula race cars are available for hire. Your guests sit in a real size Formula car cockpit and drive into a screen in front of the car.
If you are interested in using our full size simulators for a corporate event or exhibition please complete our rental enquiry form.


Full size F! simulator
This screen can be anything from a 26 inch monitor to a 60 inch flat screen display. For major events an overhead projector can display the image on a wall or screen on a huge scale.

Your guests feel the sound through the seat shakers and speakers in the headset. This ensures that, with the overall volume set at 'low', the driver still gets an overwhelming feeling of being there, while at the same time, your other guests are not disturbed by background noise.
A real Formula cockpit is tailored to fit the individual driver. To provide every guest with the perfect fit, the steering and pedals are both adjustable for reach.

Your guests can race against the clock, on an empty track, or against thirty other computer cars. Two or more cars can be linked together, so that your guests can compete against each other.

Cars are modular in construction, so they can even be installed in venues with difficult access.

We can provide flags, bunting, light towers, race suits, pit boards, spare wheel rims with tyres and other associated props to enhance your event.
Full size Formula 1 Simulator
Full size Formula 1 Simulator
Full size Formula 1 Simulator
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